Friday, September 11, 2009

If You Think I Have a Funny/ Silly Name...

I get a lot of stick because of my name...especially from Manure fans. WTF? What's wrong with naming myself after my idol, the great Steven Gerrard? At least it is not as laughable as, say, Berbatov Singh, rite?

Anyway, I told myself that the best remedy when someone's making fun of you is to look for someone else for YOU to make fun of. So that's exaclty what I did. I Googled for footballers with funny names for you to laugh at so that you will not laugh at me.
There's one condition though, I only look for footballers with funny first name, not surname. Because, well, it's not your fault if your family name is Shittu or Kuntz, right? And it could also be  wee bit racist to laugh at one's surname. First names though, IMHO, is fair game.

Here I bring you the Top Ten Funnyballers:

1. Creedence Clearwater Couto (Brazilian forward in Belgian League)
Named after his parents favourite band presumably. Well, at least he's lucky his parents were not that into Pink Floyd

2. Limited Chikafa (Zimbabwean forward, plays for Zimbabwean club, Caps Utd)
Limited in what way, I wonder?

3. Laughter Chilembe (Zambian midfielder, Caps Utd)
LOL, literally.

4. Danger Fourpence (Zimbabwean defender, Caps Utd)
Walked right out of a James Bond flick

5. Wonderful Peperere (Zimbabwean goalkeeper, Highlanders FC)
I can only imagine the commentary after he makes a brilliant save..."Wonderful save from Wonderful".

6. Progress Musepa (Zimbabwean defender, Masvingo Utd)

7. Godbless Asamoah (Ghanian forward, Kessben FC)


8. Daddy Bazueya (Nigerian midfielder, Enyimba International FC)
Who's your daddy?

9. Thankgod Amaefule (Nigerian midfielder, Sharks FC)

10. Two-Boys Gladstone Gumede (South African forward, now in US)
Haha...'nuff said

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