Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am Broke!!!

Shit! Recently, I lost a RM500 bet to one of my college mate, Brian. Since I do not have enough money to pay yet, I have decided to stay away from him. As luck would have it, I stumbled into him in the toilet this morning. 
I told him my predicament. Thankfully, he was quite reasonable. He accepted a downpayment of RM45 (my pocket money for the week!!!) and gave me up to next week to pay up...I am gonna look for a part time job from tomorrow onwards.
Btw, I have finally decided to create a Facebook account. Please add me as a friend. Looking forward to meeting you on Facebook. Here's the link to my account:


dSaint said...

no $$$ somemore wanna bet? u asked for it. lol

Anonymous said...


your stupid liverpool screw you

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... Gerrard Lim's latest tagline 'I was screwed by a bunch of loserfools'.... hehehe

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