Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Futsal Tuesdays!

I am knackered. I just got back from my weekly Futsal game. It's pretty frustrating when your team sucks. We lost again...7 - 2.

I scored both my team's goal and set up a couple of of chances for Farid, but unfortunately, his finishing was as good as Berbatov (LOL). The scoreline would have been at least more respectable if he were to convert those chances.

The team looked depressed after the game. Being a good team captain (a trait I picked up from Gerrard), I went over to comfort them (although I was furious at their poor performance tonight...especially the defenders).

"'Rite...good game lads. As Bill Shankly would've said..a team tha..."

"Shut the hell up la, Gerrard!" Farid cut me off.

"Oi...you should respect your Captain ok??"

"KNN...CCB!!!Since when you the captain?" Fei Chai (Fatty) Leong, our goalkeeper hollered.  

"Fuckers...at least I scored two goals OK??!! What bout the rest of you fucktards?? Niamah...can't even defend properly" I was seething at that moment, nearly punched Leong in his fat face.

"Niamah...WTF? You were "marking" their goalie the whole game...we had to cover for you OK!"

"It's strategy you idio..."

Rajan kicked the ball at me.

"Pundek...strategy my arse la...go fuck off la. Next time we'll get Bobby in the team la...even the sissy play better than you!!!"

Fuck it...I got no time to argue with low lifes...I will find myself a new team next week.

I guess I can somehow emphatise with Adebayor now. How the hell can you stay motivated when your team does not appreciate you...

You guys better watch out next week...I will be back.

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