Monday, August 31, 2009

I Got Spammed By An A-Hole

I was looking forward to a nice Merdeka morning today. I was about to go down to my local Mamak stall for a Roti Kosong and Teh Tarik when I decided to check my e-mail:

From: RoyKeane16 []
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 3:46AM
To: Gerrard Lim [
Subject: nice joke to perk up your morning
Hey Loser!

Here's a joke for you:

A Liverpool fan went to his Doctor.
Pool fan: Doctor! Doctor! My arse is talking!
Doctor: What does it say?
Pool fan bends over.
Arse: Liverpool will win the Premier League this season!
Doctor: Ahh...not to worry. A lot of arses say this nowadays...

The Red Devil

Fuck!!! Who the hell is the Red Devil??!! Fucker!!! I wasted 3 hours googling for Manure jokes to reply to this anonymous wanker.
I bet it's Adrian...bitch!


kenwooi said...

ah. dont care la.. the best will prevail! =)

Anonymous said...

Obviously your friend Brain? EQ man... EQ

Anonymous said...

why dont you bent and hear it for yourself....hahaha

Anonymous said...

What Roy Keane said about manure fans

"Sometimes you wonder, do they understand the game of football?"


"I don't think some of the people who come to Old Trafford can spell 'football', never mind understand it"

Anonymous said...

Keano stop saying dat. You are a legend. Why?

Anonymous said...

Roy Keane a Legend
No way Says my arse
No, le Long is a legend
You know the guy that slap Anelka
he can have Keano arse too.

AW knows best

Anonymous said...

1. Gerrard to begin pro-actively tackling players intent on ‘possession’

2. Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that recently retired referees Mike Riley and Rob Styles are a bigger loss to his team than departed Cristiano Ronaldo.

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